Facts & Figures of Soochow University

Facts & Figures of Soochow University


(Last Updated on Feb.28, 2017, unless otherwise noted.)


26175 Full-time Undergraduate Students

9332 Full-time Master's Candidates;

2891 Master's Candidates in service

1601 Full-time Doctoral Candidates;

1593 Doctoral CandidatesofClinical Science

12398 Adult Undergraduates;

14841 Self-taught Students

794 Degree-seekingInternationalStudents;

2117 Non-degree InternationalStudents



5198 Full-time Facultyand Staff Members;

of whom 894 have senior professional titles

1638 have vice-senior professional titles,

    1922 havejunior professional titles.

2964 Full-time Teachers;

of whom 1064 have more than one year overseas experience.

 including: 838 professors;

1217 associate professors;

 84 foreign teachers;

901 Staff Members

134 Counselors

107 Regularly Enrolled Post Doctorates

810 Technical Staff

282 Workers and Service Staff

High-level Talents

7 Academicians

13 “Thousand Talent Program”Experts;

41 “Thousand Talents Program for Young Outstanding Scientists” Experts

7 "Cheung Kong Scholar's Program" Professors

20 Winners of The National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

28 Winners of The National Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars

1 “TenThousand Talent Program” Eminent Scientist;

3 “TenThousand Talent Program” Leading Academics in Science and Technology Innovation;

3 “Ten thousand talent program” young top-notch talent

6 Members of the Discipline Assessment Groups of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council

10 “New Century Talents ProjectCandidates (national-level)

18 “Trans-Century Training Program Foundation for the Talents by the State Education Commission” or “Program for New Century Excellent Talents at UniversityProfessors



24 Schools

29 Centers for Post-doctoral Studies

24 Mainfirst-levelDiscipline Doctoral Programs

49Mainfirst-levelDiscipline Master’s Programs

134 Undergraduate Majors

4 National Key Disciplines

15 Provincial Key Disciplines

8 Leading Disciplines of Universities in Jiangsu Province

5 Key Disciplines of Universities in Jiangsu Province

1 State Collaborative Innovation Center ("2011 plan" center)

1 Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences in Chinese Universities Designated by the Ministry Of Education

1 National Engineering Laboratory

2 State-localJointEngineeringResearchCenters

1 State International Joint Research Center

3 State Public Service Platforms

1 National University Science Park

1 State Key Laboratory Base

1 Jiangsukey laboratory(aimed at the national-level)

4 Collaborative Innovation Centers of Universities in Jiangsu Province

16Provincial Key Bases for Philosophy&Social Science Research

29 Provincial Key Laboratories

11 Provincial Public Service Platforms

4 Provincial Engineering Research Centers



Campus Area(hectare): 249.3

Building Area(hectare): 163.1

Library Collection(thousand volume): 4987

Number of Computers31544

     of which 19248 are of teaching and scientific use.

Number of Classrooms713

     of which 569 are multi-media classrooms.

Total Fixed Assets: 577897.4 ten-thousand yuan5.778974billion yuan;

Teaching Equipment Worth194690.4ten-thousand Yuan1.946904 billion yuan;

Fixed Assets of InformationalizedDevices31935.1 ten-thousand yuan319.351 million yuan

(Note: the last three figures are lately updated on December 31, 2016)